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An awkward time for self-reflection :iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 1 1
Mature content
Body Continent :iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 1 0
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Scarlet Says :iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 1 0
Palm Fronds
I’ve seen the palms of your hands.
The lifelines, the bylines,
the anything-I-will-try lines.
Everything but pick-up and
snort-off-a-mirror lines.
I promise to love you lines.
The laughing lines in the backwoods,
laying in the needles of pines. Lines
of opposing colors in the sweeping
motions of your eyes. Eye liner
dripping, too much smiling,
wrinkling your skin. Tan lines,
the whalebone lining the subtle
shape of your bra. The lines
I’ve drawn on graph paper,
that curve into the fortune cookie
possibility of your posture
in perfect lines. Straight lines
never a factor, rainbow lines
the deciding feature.
I’ve seen the palms of your hands.
:iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 0 0
I’m not supposed to lust you.
And after only one day.
Taboo baby.
Crazy lady.
Pretty girl.
I’m not supposed to let you
swallow my throat
and leave my actions remote.
For weeks at a time.
And after only one day.
I’m not supposed to.
Taboo baby.
Crazy lady.
Pretty girl.
Let me
Fall a little harder,
with your knees.
Fall into that soft spot
where nature
has nothing to do
with trees.
I’m not supposed to.
I’m not supposed to.
I’m not supposed to
taboo you.
Creep in through my window.
climb in with a ladder,
Shatter the nightmares, water
and paint, let it splatter.
Let it, because you should.
I’ll let you, because you should.
I’ll do it because I can.
I’ll do it because I can.
I can and I will.
Taboo you,
Taboo baby.
Crazy lady.
Pretty petty girl.
Let me show you.
Let me know you.
Let’s discover
:iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 1 0
Duct Tape Dinosaur Mask by EveryDeadPetalFalls Duct Tape Dinosaur Mask :iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 2 2 Only thE True Prevail (OTEP) by EveryDeadPetalFalls Only thE True Prevail (OTEP) :iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 2 0 bunny evil incarnate by EveryDeadPetalFalls bunny evil incarnate :iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 2 2 the ride of a lifetime by EveryDeadPetalFalls the ride of a lifetime :iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 0 0 sky cloud lion by EveryDeadPetalFalls sky cloud lion :iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 0 4
A Letter To My Wife, Made Of..
full title: A Letter To My Wife, Made Of Stretched Cloth And A Cheap Wooden Frame
Sorry about the way I never ceased to love your pale skin,
The way I never ceased to kill you so slowly with beauty.
Sorry about the way I spilt the jar of acrylic paint on your face,
The way I spilt it and decided that covering it with a towel,
Was an accurate enough way of pretending it never happened.
Sorry about the way I kept you a secret for so long,
The way I kept you a secret from everyone, including myself.
Sorry about the way it always seemed to be a better idea to cover you in random emotions,
The way the random emotions took over your natural beauty,
And the way I never cared that you were drowning in the blood of paint fumes.
Sorry about the way I told you you'd never fulfill me in the way I thought you would,
The way I thought you'd make a much better piece of firewood.
Sorry about the way I attempted to rid of you by stomping on your body,
The way your limbs splintered, and the sloppy way I
:iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 1 7
miserable in my own skin
i'm feeling miserable within,
they say i'm miserable in my own skin,
trying to kick back, trying to pretend,
that nothing matters as long my lover is my best friend,
but love still doesn't pay the rent,
and love and friendship doesn't make a dent,
in the work i have to do for self-betterment,
and what bugs me most is that no one else seems to get the hint,
that i'm feeling miserable within,
i'm feeling miserable within my own skin.
:iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 2 1
coming to senses
"coming to senses about oranges"
coming to my senses
about all other pretenses
a hidden force of defenses
while i'm beating myself senseless
with thoughts of other women
and endless dreams of clementine oranges.
coming to my senses
about all other expenses
a wrapped up source of tension
that i'd really rather not mention
because i don't want that kind of attention
or the savory taste of clementine oranges.
coming to my senses
about everything you've listened to
when i talk about redemption
and about my feelings of suspension
and my fear of other's suspicions
about my obsession with clementine oranges.
:iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 1 0
another woman
there has always been another woman on my mind,
but keep in mind i'd never cheat on you with her.
there has always been another woman in my head,
but keep in mind that she is nothing like you.
there has always been another woman in my dreams,
but keep in mind that she has never been mine in reality.
there has always been another woman that i love,
but keep in mind that i'm not comparing the two of you.
there has always been another woman,
but keep in mind, that you are mine, and she will never be.
:iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 4 2
A Quiet Girl's Thoughts...
Full Title: "A Quiet Girl's Thoughts On Plagiarism"
When I open and close my eyes,
And breathe the words that other people,
have left lingering in the air for me to inhale and exhale,
I am happy that those people were wonderful enough
to allow me to live off of their ideas.
Without the words of others,
Would i have never thought of becoming a poet?
And creating what I believe to be, my own personal thought?
When I fall asleep and dream,
And escape reality through thoughts and emotion,
That I both have and have not experienced,
Am I copying a dream someone else has already dreamt?
If so, then thank you, kind sir and fair woman,
For dreaming before I was concieved,
About the same things I have been dreaming lately.
When I inhale and exhale a puff of smoke from a cigarette,
Am I doing the same exact thing that others have done before me?
Thank you, smokers of the world,
For showing me the correct way to breathe smoke,
Like a fire breathing dragon whose fire has been demolished
By an extin
:iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 0 3
Exterior to My Interior
A clean blood drop may seem superior
Opposed to those that fell on yesteryear
They only fell because of your hatred
Degraded and extremely frustrated
To the point that each ten syllable line
Seem like they might take a fucking lifetime
To understand, to know, to push, to shove
To reprimand, to follow, and to love
I pray to the Gods that might be above
And I shatter tears on the fallen doves
And I open closed eyes to see inside
But all I can see is a run and hide
A duck and cover, and your failing pride
A mission for oil and genocide
Republicans reach to those Democrats
That have their own goals of returning back
To life without Global Warming and loss
The dream that the future's for all of us
Life's not gonna end 'cause we all have time
The future's now and time's our sacrifice.
:iconeverydeadpetalfalls:EveryDeadPetalFalls 0 0


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I've been on DeviantART since I was 16 years old, which was almost 10 years ago now and while I use it much less often I have to say that I love this site and it has helped me through a lot and been a great experience. Thank you DA for being something important for so many people.


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Karie Anonymous
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United States
I'm studying Creative Writing in college and two years away from getting my BA. I love cats. I write poetry constantly. I am an editor for a small-press publishing group called Bank-Heavy Press. We are located in Long Beach, CA. I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you.


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